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Our little bear cub has been released! - June 23, 2023

It’s official… our bear cub, Tsaw’in, is back in the forest! Where, we don’t know, but Critter Care released all 9 cubs that were in their care earlier this week. They were kept at Critter Care until the black bear hunting season ended in mid-June.

You can see Tsaw’in being released in the second clip in this video provided by Critter Care.

To donate to Critter Care, please visit their website.

As a reminder to everyone, please make very sure there are no attractants in or around your property and that waste is inaccessible to all wildlife. Sheds are NOT bear-proof, neither are decks and carports. Bylaw tells us there have been few bylaw infractions and reports to Bear Smart tell us that most of us are doing everything we can to keep our bears safe and that our bears are simply being bears. Please keep the reports coming. Thank you all!


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