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Thank you for coming out to honour our bears

Thank you to all who came out to honour the bears we lost in 2022 and 2023. The ceremony included the unveiling of the statue in its new position outside the Village Office. It was commissioned when Lions Bay became the third BC community to achieve Bear Smart status in 2011.

We invite anyone who passes by to place a pebble or flower there anytime they wish.

Candles were placed, giving residents a moment to reflect, including Bear Smart committee member, Yong, who joined the team and came up with the idea for a memorial last year after being deeply affected when our well-known bear, Yellow Tag, was shot in her neighbourhood.

A Q&A session followed, led by bear behaviour expert Ellie Lamb, winner of the 2024 Tim Jones Memorial Award. She won the award for her tireless work as a bear advocate and active member of North Shore SAR with her rescue dog, Dreki.

The event also served as a reminder to manage all attractants as bears move through communities, often for safety.

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