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Waste Collection Schedule

Bears are smart opportunistic omnivores and will return to locations where they find readily available food or garbage.  However, if the attractant is removed or secured, the bear will move on.  Please adhere to the waste collection schedule. Download the Village's 2024 pick-up calendar here.

Friday Pickup Times

7:30am - 9:00am: Bayview Place-Upper Bayview, Mountain-Timbertop-Sunset, and all streets leading off these
(central Lions Bay above the highway).

9:00am - 10:00 am: Highview-Oceanview, Panorama, Kelvin Grove Way, and all streets leading off these.

10:00 am - 1:00pm: All other neighbourhoods (lower Kelvin Grove, Brunswick, central Lions Bay below the highway, etc.).

Please put your waste out as close to 7:30 am, 9:00 am or 10:00 am as possible.

If you cannot comply with the above times, food waste and garbage may be dropped off at the Works Yard:

6am – 8am every Friday

8am – 11am on Saturdays

Clean recyclables can be placed at the road side as you leave home if you have no other option.

Waste Collection

Here are some tips for handling garbage and food waste:

  • Store garbage and food waste inside until pickup day (Friday).

  • Don’t store garbage, food waste or recycling bins outside, in a carport or in a shed whether they’re full or empty. It’s that simple. They must be stored in a bear-proof location. 

  • Don't leave garbage/food waste on your balcony or porch even if it has a screen.  Bears are good climbers and can easily break into porches, and even unsecured homes.

  • Use both locks to secure your bear resistant garbage/food waste cans on pickup day.

  • Reduce odours by freezing smelly food waste in a paper bag and put the bag in your food waste can at the designated time on pickup day, preferably in a bear-resistant bin. If you can’t freeze all of it, freeze meat, fish, bones, leftover pet food and similar.

  • Do not discard cooking grease on your property.  Collect it in a glass, plastic or metal container with a lid. On collection day, transfer the grease collection container to a plastic bag, seal it tightly and place it in the waste bin. If the grease can be removed from the container the grease can be placed in the food waste (organics) bin.

  • Keep bins clean. Don’t put food scraps directly into the food waste bin: use compostable bags to line the bin. Paper bags available from supermarkets; small compostable bags available from the office.

  • Do not put food waste in with your garbage.

  • Rinse/wash recyclable containers and jars so there is no odorous residue.

  • Clean your green waste, glass, and garbage bins (also consider where you dump the wash water).

  • Keep garage or bear-proof enclosure doors/windows closed if you are not in the immediate area. 

Bylaw Enforcement

As part of our commitment to being Bear Smart, Lions Bay's Garbage and Recycling Bylaw prohibits residents from placing waste or recycling at the road side for pickup outside the designated time slots on pickup day (Friday) and from allowing wildlife access to any attractants.  Please share information with your neighbours regarding managing attractants.

If you see the continual disregard for attractants, please report the presents of attractants to the Lions Bay Bylaw Services at 604-843-3404 or by email at  This will help to educate residents and as a last resort, may result in fines.

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