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Bear News: May 17th, 2024

There are second year cubs around and reports indicate they are all sticking to natural food sources, even on garbage day. Let’s make sure we keep it that way. Please comply with the waste collection time slots and keep the reports coming!

Some cubs have climbed trees and this means they are avoiding danger such as barking dogs and humans. When this happens, please keep pets and people well away to allow the cubs time and space to get down and leave. Being stuck in a tree is stressful and they need to be able to escape. Adults will also climb trees to avoid conflict if they can’t move away easily. The same applies.

It’s mating season and bears are quite active during this time. Males follow females to assess their receptiveness, regularly sniffing areas where the female has sat and the female herself when possible. Couples often play and rest together during courtship. Males may follow individual females and guard them against rivals for up to 9 days before the female becomes receptive and mating occurs. Soon after mating, the male moves on to find another mate. A female may mate with several males and cubs from the same litter may have different fathers. Learn more here.

Report garbage in public places: if at all possible please pick up garbage left in public places over this long weekend, otherwise text us and a Bear team member will attend to it (as long as it’s not truckfuls!). Report all other instances of attractant issues to

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