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An update on our little cub - February 24, 2023

First an encouraging update: Critter Care is happy to report our cub is doing well, gaining weight nicely (as you can see in the pic) and very comfortable exploring his enclosure. He’s been sleeping a lot – a good thing – but has not gone into torpor (they’re not concerned about this). It does mean he still needs to be fed, along with other animals in their care, so we’re asking LB residents to buy tickets in their current 50/50 fundraiser.

Does our little bear have contact with other cubs at Critter Care? Nope, he doesn’t, because by the time he was taken in they were in hibernation! And he won’t be introduced to them when they wake up because by then they’ll be too big.

When will he be released? Critter Care explains that, although the ideal time would be during May, he and the other cubs will only be released on June 15th, the day after the Spring bear hunting season has closed.

Send us your name suggestions!

Here’s how: Critter Care is asking for indigenous names and that the best three be submitted to their board for a final decision. Send your suggestions to no later than Monday, March 10th and the final three will be picked by the Bear Smart Committee and sent to Critter Care. Look out for updates on Facebook and in future VUs!


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