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Do your part to keep our bears alive

Fruit Trees are an Easy Target

  • Pick fruits off the tree as they ripen and then store them indoors. Ripe fruit has a high caloric value and is highly sought after by bears as a preferred food source.

  • You can also pick fruit before it ripens, and then let it fully ripen indoors.

  • If you don’t want the fruit or can’t use it all, consider letting others pick some or all for their own use.

  • If you don’t want the fruit, consider removing the trees altogether.


Use Bear-Resistant Waste Containers

  • Never store your garbage or food/organic waste outside unless it’s in a bear proof enclosure.

  • Only put your garbage and food waste out after 5 am on collection day - it’s the LAW.

  • Freeze smelly garbage in a plastic bag and add it to your food waste on collection day.

  • Do not store food in outdoor fridges and freezers.

  • Be proactive in encouraging neighbours and help educate them about bear attractants.


Keep Barbeques Clean

  • Barbeques and drip pans should be cleaned after each use since grease and fat are a high calorie food source for bears.

  • Barbeques should be kept locked inside a bear-proof shed after they have been cleaned.

  • Covering a cleaned barbeque will further help to reduce the transmission of food odour.

  • A barbeque stored within a shed that has an un-cleaned grill or drip pan will still attract bears and will likely lead to property damage.


Be Vigilant With Composting For Your Garden

  • Do not add any meat, meat by-products, fish or cooked fruit & vegetables to your compost heap..

  • Sprinkle lime in your compost. Lime helps the composting process and reduces the odour.

  • Covering the compost with a light cover of dirt or soil or a heavy cover of grass clippings will also assist with odours. LEARN MORE 


Keep Pet Food Inside and Locked Up

  • Pet food should be kept in an airtight, non-odorous container and locked inside residences.

  • Pet food should not be left outside.


The Old Adage is True! Bears Love Beehives and Honey

  • Beehives are a high calorie and high protein food source for bears and they love it!

  • Protect hives with electric fencing.

  • Placing beehives on platforms with an overhang of two metres or more can be an effective deterrent.

  • Wiring beehives together with metal strapping can also help prevent damage to beehives.

  • Don’t set up beehives during early springtime when other sources of food for bears are not available or may be scarce.


Bird Feeders are Irresistible to Bears

  • Birdseed and suet are high protein and caloric food source for bears.

  • Use bird feeders only in the winter when bears are denning and natural bird food is limited.

  • Take bird feeders in at night.

  • Keep the ground underneath the feeders clean and free of bird seed.

  • Fill your feeders regularly with just a small amount of feed, which will decrease the reward a bear would receive if it does get to your feeder.

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