Waste collection pick-up schedule & options

Updated August, 2022: Thank you for helping to keep our bears alive.

Friday curbside waste collection pick-up schedule


Bayview Place-Upper Bayview, Mountain-Timbertop-Sunset, and all streets leading off these
(central Lions Bay above the highway).


Highview-Oceanview, Panorama, Kelvin Grove Way, and all streets leading off these.


All other neighbourhoods (lower Kelvin Grove, Brunswick, central Lions Bay below the highway, etc.).

Food waste must preferably be FROZEN and placed in bear-resistant bins curbside as close to 7.30, 9 or 10am as possible on Fridays. Recycling must be RINSED/WASHED before being put out.

Works Yard drop-off times for garbage and food waste only


If you can’t comply with the above times, food waste and garbage ONLY may be dropped off at the Works Yard:

6am – 8am every Friday

Clean recyclables can be placed curbside as you leave home if you have no other option.

AT ALL OTHER TIMES, food waste/garbage/recycling must be kept in a BEAR-PROOF enclosure (not shed).

If you are unable to comply with any of the above, please email lionsbaybearsmart@gmail.com so the Bear Smart team can try to find a solution.

Bylaw Enforcement

If you see any attractants, please report to Bylaw on 604-834-3404 or bylaw@lionsbay.ca.


More tips on how to handle food waste/garbage/recycling/attractants

  1. Keep food waste in a bag in the freezer and only put it out at the designated time on pickup day, preferably in a bear-resistant bin. If you can’t freeze all of it, freeze meat, fish, bones, leftover pet food and similar.

  2. Don’t put food scraps directly into the food waste bin: use compostable bags to line the bin. Paper bags available from supermarkets; small compostable bags available from the office.

  3. Do not put food waste in with your garbage.

  4. Wash recyclable containers and jars so there is no odorous residue.

  5. Clean your green waste, glass, and garbage bins (also consider where you dump the wash water).

  6. Burn off your BBQ and remove the grease traps after every use. Make sure they are kept clean or in a secure location.